Call For Paper

Call For Paper Details

We don’t place any restrictions on topic. However, here is a general list of topics that make us exciting;

– Vulnerability Research & Discovery Techniques
– Exploitation and Mitigation Bypass Techniques
– Malware, Rootkit Technology
– Smartphone/Mobile/Embedded Hacking & Security
– Hardware Hacking Techniques
– 0day vulns and exploits
– New hacking/security tools for community
– Hardware and Software Reverse Engineering
– Infrastructures Hacking and Security

One more, there’s no restrictions on topics. Just send your paper, if you think it is cool!

How to submit?

Your submission should include following details;

– Name, last name and contact details
– Brief bio
– Place of residence
– Presentation topic and description

Submissions should be sent to info[.at.] until the 29th October, 2019.